Cancun excursion may set record as world’s largest travel club trip

Aug 16, 2012
PLANO, Texas – London isn’t the only place world records were made last week—a single group of nearly 3,000 vacationers descended upon Cancun’s Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort to set what the host company believes was the largest travel club trip ever at a world-class resort. Organized by Rovia, as part of its DreamTrips Travel Club, the visitors came from all over the globe to participate in the four-day fiesta held at one of Mexico’s premiere resort and spa locations.

While on holiday, the “DreamTrippers” (official count for the trip: 2,974 people) enjoyed Cancun’s legendary beaches and a wide array of entertainment options, including sightseeing, water sports, and renowned archeological sites, capped by the city’s vivid nightlife scene. Hundreds of the participants took a half day out of their vacation to give back to “The City of Joy”, an innovative complex of homes and centers, each of which cares for vulnerable and underserved group of people.

“We’re proud so many of our global members chose to leverage this vacation as an opportunity to give back to the local community,” Rovia President Mike Putman said. “These DreamTrips members did more than enjoy Cancun’s legendary beaches, they also worked with nuns, cleaned and painted walls, and planted new gardens. We highly respect their contribution, and know they’ve created priceless memories.”

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